Welcome to the future

With the recent release of Facebook AI's Segment Anything model, automatic segmentation has taken a massive leap forward. With the upcoming update to our Auto Segment tool, you will be able to leverage the same magic in your annotation projects.

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How will this help me?

Industry Auto Segmentation
Dental X-Ray interactive segmentation
Auto segmentation of vegetables

Segment everything in an image

With the new update you will be able to automatically segment all objects in an image at once. For images with a lot of objects, this can reduce the labeling time by an order of magnitude.

More accurate object boundaries

Facebook's SAM has been trained on 11M images, and consistently produces better boundaries than our current auto segment tool, in fewer clicks.

Real time interaction

Once an embedding has been produced for an image, all other interactions are run directly in the browser, which results in real time generation of object boundaries. This allows you to experiment with the boundaries as much as you want.

Our current Auto Segment tool

Our Magic Segment tool has been designed so you can interact with it and update it's output.

Start by clicking anywhere within the object. Then update the drawn boundary by left clicking on any areas left out of the boundary. Or Right click to exclude it. That's it!