Identify 2D objects in images

Identify objects in images with high accuracy with Bounding Boxes, Polygons, Polylines and Key-points.

Dolphins - Bounding boxes

Identify objects of interest

Train Object detection Machine Learning models with bounding box labels around objects of interest.

Polygon labeling on a chair

Recognize objects with more precision

Make your object detection even more precise by labeling objects using variable-vertex polygons. Polygon labeling adds more detailed information to each identified object in an image.

Cuboid labeling on cars

Identify 3D objects in 2D images

3D on a 2D plane. Extract information like direction and orientation of objects by marking their front and back faces.

Aerial Imagery - Lane lines - Polyline labeling

Detect lines and curves in images

Label polylines and curves in images and videos to identify objects like lane-lines. Polyline labeling is most widely used for identifying Lane lines.

Keypoint labeling on an image of Abraham Lincoln

Identify key points in an image

Mark key points in an image to accomplish tasks like face-matching, pose-matching etc.