The modern way to label images for Semantic Segmentation

Draw object boundaries quickly with magic segment

Are you still drawing object boundaries by manually placing points? Upgrade your labeling operations with our Artificial Intelligence powered Magic Segment tool.

How does it work?

We designed Magic Segment such that you can interact with it and update it's output. Start by clicking anywhere within the object. Then update the drawn boundary by left clicking on any areas left out of the boundary. Or Right click on any area within the boundary to exclude it. That's it!

Draw object boundaries x5 quicker

Create Segmentation masks in a snap

Draw object boundaries upto 5x quicker by simply telling Magic Segment what sections to include or to exclude.

Most segmentation masks can be drawn accurately in 3-4 clicks.

Draw object boundaries with superhuman quality

Label with superhuman quality

Drawing boundaries by hand is cumbersome. Even when taking extreme care, boundaries can still be shaky or have sharp corners.

Eliminate the potential for error by drawing the boundaries automatically.