Bounding Box

Locate and identify objects into various categories across a multitude of use-cases. Any possible missed instances are flagged by our AI tool to alert annotators to make the labeling super human.

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Dolphins - Bounding boxes

Chair tagged as polygon


Make your object detection even more precise by drawing variable-vertex polygons around instances.

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Classify images into predefined categories and assign as many attributes to the category as you like. Our propreitary AI powered hinting technology alerts annotators to possible misclassifications raising the bar for accurate labeling.

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Noodles - Tagged with ingredients

Cars annotated into cuboids


3D on a 2D plane. Get information like direction and orientation from your object detection model by marking front and back faces of the objects.

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Object Tracking

Track objects across an entire video with high accuracy. Our AI powered annotation tool interpolates object labels between frames, avoiding missed frames, and allowing our annotators to focus on making the labels extremely accurate.

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Segmented Oranges

Semantic Segmentation

Understand what's in an image at the pixel level. Traditionally, semantic segmentation has been a very challenging labeling task. Our AI-assisted interactive segmentation tool makes the job upto 5x faster, while exceeding the level of quality a human alone can achieve.

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Label polylines and curves in images and videos to identify objects like lane-lines.

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Aerial Imagery

Lincoln face tagged

Key points

Mark key points in an image to accomplish tasks like face-matching, pose-matching etc.

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