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Mindkosh is the platform for curating, labeling and validating datasets for your AI projects.

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Powering the Machine Learning teams at

Integrate labeling with your data pipeline

Fully managed annotation services for developers and data scientists, with guaranteed levels of quality.

Python SDK for image datasets
Powerful SDK
Perform quality checks, download annotations and do much more with our powerful Python SDK.
High quality guaranteed
All your data goes through two levels of quality checks to ensure your datasets are of the highest quality.
Securely share your data
With a variety of different methods to share your data with us, your data stays safe and secure.

The all in one annotation platform for teams.

The most feature rich annotation platform built for security and volume.

AI assisted labeling
Proprietary AI-assisted tools combined with a multi-layered quality control mechanism make sure each data label is of the highest quality.
Cloud storage
Upload your data to our servers or directly stream it from your own AWS S3 buckets.
Efficient tooling
We built Mindkosh to maximise efficiency when labeling and reviewing labeling jobs.
Mindkosh annotation platform
Data centric AI cycle

Garbage in. Garbage out.

High quality datasets result in high performing AI systems.

By embracing Data Centric AI principles, we ensure that your AI projects succeed in the real world.

Through our issue managment system and annotation phases, we make sure labeling mistakes are easily managed and resolved.

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Your data is valuable. Keep it safe.

We understand your data is valuable to you. Keep your data safe through a variety of different storage options.

Mindkosh Servers
Upload your data directly to our servers using our Python SDK. Some types of annotation tasks only work with this storage option.
Cloud storage
Keep your data on your AWS S3 buckets. Simply share your access keys with us, and our labeling tool grabs your data directly from your S3 account.
Your data never passes through our servers.
On premises
We can deploy our labeling platform on your infrastructure, ensuring your data never leaves your premises.
Air-gapped systems provide unparalleled security for your data.

You are in

safe hands



Transparent pricing, trained and scalable workforce and a propreitary state-of-the-art labeling tool are just some of the features that set us apart.

Labeling platform

Automatic annotation

Achieve superhuman level quality for your datasets with Automatic annotation.

Data storage

Store your data with us, third party storage services or directly stream from your own AWS S3 accounts.


Pricing models

We prefer per-asset pricing as it encourages quick response times. But we can also do hourly pricing..

Free demo

Send us a few samples of your data, and we will label them for free. No questions asked.


Rapid Scaling

Scale rapidly - both up as well as down - with our large team of highly experienced labelers.


Be assured of the security of your data with our highly controlled work environments. No data goes in or out.