Draw object boundaries quickly with magic segment

Draw object boundaries 5x quicker

Upgrade your labeling with our Artificial Intelligence powered Magic Segment tool.

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One platform for

All your Labeling needs

With all your management tasks easily managed from one place, and a feature rich Labeling tool, you can sleep a little better.



Open up your communication channels

Easily manage your team from once place. Let your reviewers mark issues, and open up a dialog with the labelers to resolve the issues quickly.

It's like Slack for your labeling team.

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Manage large projects with ease

Mindkosh lets you organize your AI projects using Projects, Tasks and Jobs with varying levels of permissions for different types of users.

It's like JIRA for Labeling projects.

Annotation services


Make efficiency your team's superpower

With the most feature-packed annotation suite available, your team will complete their labeling tasks in amazing time.

We've worked hard to reduce the time it takes to draw labels, so you can reap the benefits.

Built for efficiency and volume


We know you love your data! Store it with us at your choice of geographical region, or connect your AWS S3 account to directly stream your data to your labelers.

Access levels

Assign your team-members different access levels to limit what actions they can perform on the platform. You can also easily limit what data each user can access.


Don't lift that mouse! With powerful shortcuts, quickly perform a large variety of actions right from your keyboard. For some tasks, you don't need your mouse at all!

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Need more help with your datasets?

Need to get your datasets labeled quickly? Or simply need a hand accelerating your data labeling efforts?

Outsource your labeling tasks to us and get high quality labeled datasets in the most secure way possible.

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