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Fully managed Annotation services for Vision and 3D applications. We handle your data needs, so you can focus on your product.

Data curation for Machine Learning
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Semantic Segmentation
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3D Object Detection
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Quality Assured

In addition to our Automatic Image Annotation platform, every data-set goes through three levels quality checks to ensure the highest quality ground-truth data.

Level 1 - Annotators label the data.

Level 2 - Reviewers check the label quality and provide feedback.

Level 3 - Quality Managers randomly check parts of the data-set.

Data Security

Data Security


For all stakeholders including labelers and reviewers.


Store your data on our servers or third-party services like AWS S3.

Human in the loop

Human In the Loop

Automated Data Labeling

Our proprietary labeling tool helps us fast track labeling jobs.

Superhuman Labeling

With AI assisted labeling, the quality of labels surpasses what a human alone can deliver.



Rapid Scaling

Large number of highly experienced annotators to enable rapid scaling.


Highly controlled work environments to make sure your data is totally secure.

Medical Image annotation tool screenshot - X-Ray

Enterprise Ready

Huge volumes of data? Custom ML workflows? Time sensitive deliveries? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to prepare custom SLAs to ensure delivery times and Quality benchmarks.

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How it works

  • 1

    Idea Proposal

    You tell us your basic requirements and we ask for a small sample of data to better understand your needs, project time and costs.

  • 2

    Time & Money quotes

    Depending on your choice of pricing model, we send you a quote of the expected labeling cost and the projected time to finish the project.

  • 3

    Project Setup

    Based on your time requirements and budget, we assign annotators, reviewers and a Project Manager for your project. We also setup labels, and get ready to receive your data!

  • 4

    Get Labeling!

    Your data goes through cycles of annotation and review. We are very flexible in accommodating training/data-preparation cycles you might be using in your team.

  • 5


    Your data is ready for delivery! We deliver your data in batches. If any data is mislabled because of our negligence, we re-label it free of cost. No questions asked.

How Data Annotation works


Please note that the following prices are indicative only.
You can estimate your image labeling costs by using our Cost Estimator Tool

Asset Pricing
  • Flat pricing per label
  • Custom SLAs to guarantee quality supported
  • Custom Label-Review cycles supported
  • All Image-based Services supported
  • Video-based services not supported
  • 3D services not supported
Hourly Pricing
  • Based on amount of time spent labeling
  • Quotes on expected time sent after receiving sample data
  • Ideal for complex, long-running projects
  • Custom SLAs to guarantee quality supported
  • Custom Label-Review cycles supported
  • All labeling services supported

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