Collection and Annotation services for Text

Create summaries, recognise intent, identify sentiments and build powerful AI systems with high quality text annotations

Intent identification in text

What is your user trying to say?

Tag your text with intent that matches the correct context of the sentences, to accurately identify what your users really want.

Widely used in smart assistants and chatbots, intent recognition is key to building effective systems that utilise these technologies.

Text Entity recognition

Extract crucial entities from your text

Identify key phrases, named entities like addresses and names, or parts of speech of the sentences like nouns and adjectives.

With our workforce of experts in different fields, we can create highly accurate labeled datasets for specific areas like medicine, finance etc.

Text classification annotation

Categorize your data

Segregate large volumes of texts or documents into appropriate categories.

Text classification systems trained on accurately tagged data can mark news articles, tweets, or comments from your users with useful categories.

20 M +
words processed in 2023
2000 +
experienced labelers on board
95% +
accuracy for all text based tasks.

Your data is valuable. Keep it safe.

We understand your data is valuable to you. Keep your data safe through a variety of different storage options.

Mindkosh Servers
Upload your data directly to our servers using our Python SDK. OR
Transfer your data to our AWS S3 bucket on a location dedicated for your project. This can be the easiest method to get started for large data volumes.
On premises
We can deploy our labeling platform on your infrastructure, ensuring your data never leaves your premises. Our labeling team can then access the platform using VPN.
Air-gapped systems provide unparalleled security for your data.

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Transparent pricing, trained and scalable workforce and a propreitary state-of-the-art labeling tool are just some of the features that set us apart.


Pricing models

We prefer per-asset pricing as it encourages quick response times. But we can also do hourly pricing..

Free demo

Send us a few samples of your data, and we will label them for free. No questions asked.


Rapid Scaling

Scale rapidly - both up as well as down - with our large team of highly experienced labelers.


Be assured of the security of your data with our highly controlled work environments. No data goes in or out.

Labeling software

Automatic annotation

Achieve superhuman level quality for your datasets with Automatic annotation.

Data storage

Store your data with us, third party storage services or directly stream from your own AWS S3 accounts.

Frequently asked


Do I need to provide a labeling tool?

We prefer using our labeling tool with specialised features that help us maintain the quality of the labels. However, we can also integrate with third-party tools of your choice.

Can you annotate international languages?

Yes. We support all major Indian languages alongwith languages like Spanish, Japanese and others. For international languages, we utilise our partners in the native countries to annotate.

What if my data is domain specific?

Our labeler pool consists of generalists as well as specialists who can handle medical, financial and other type of datasets. We can also provide you labelers from a specific geographic location.

Can you also capture data for us?

Yes. We can create raw data for text, audio as well as image based systems. Get in touch with us for more details.

How do I measure the quality of the labels?

We do it for you during the review phase. You can also label a small portion of the data and match it with our labels to come up with a quality measure.

What if we need you to re-label a batch?

If the delivered labels do not match up to the accuracy measure agreed upon in the SLA, we re-label the entire batch free of cost.