Assign labels and properties to images

Classify images into predefined categories and assign as many attributes to the categories as you like.

Noodles - Tagged with ingredients
Image classification

What's in an image?

Classify images according to their visual contents. Useful in a variety of use cases

  • Recommendation Systems
  • Flagging profanity
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Copyright checking

Your data. Your console.

With our enterprise plan, you get access to our Python SDK to access your data and annotations right from your own code.

Python SDK for image datasets

Visualize your dataDownload and visualize your data with annotations as soon as they are labeled.

Download all annotationsDon't wait for our team to send you the data. Download all complete annotations the moment they are available.

Ready for


Built from the ground-up to support enterprise workloads. High volume? Sensitive data? We can handle it all.

Data Security


All stakeholders including labelers and reviewers sign NDAs to ensure IP security.

Secure storage

Store your data with us, third party storage services or directly stream from your own AWS S3 accounts.


Rapid Scaling

Large team of labelers highly experienced with various types of annotations to enable rapid scaling.


Highly controlled work environments to make sure your data is totally secure.

Custom SLAs

Quality benchmarks

Picky about errors in your dataset? We can ensure an agreed-upon level of quality.

On premises data

Have strict requirements to keep your data in-house? We can setup remote-access to ensure compliance.