High quality data to fine-tune your Large Language Models

Fine-tune your LLMs with datasets constructed from high quality human feedback

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Human feedback for RLHF & more

Supercharge your language models by fine-tuning them with task-specific high quality human feedback.

Finetune LLMs with RLHF


Improve your model outputs with reinforcement learning combined with high quality response ratings.

Finetune LLMs with Supervised Finetuning

Supervised Fine-tuning

Adapt your model to your own use-case by training it on high quality human powered prompt responses.

Image-text pairs for training Image Generation models

Image captioning

Fine-tune Generative AI models to your application with high quality image-caption pairs.

Testing and evaluation of LLMs.

Ensure high performance and safety of your models with hybrid testing and evaluation flows.

Test and evaluate LLMs

LLM model evaluation

Evaluate the performance of your model against SOTA LLMs as well as human-generated data.

Red teaming

Probe your model for undesirable behavior to assess safety and vulnerabilities. Combine automated attack techniques with human expertise to get the most scalable solution.

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Domain experts for fine-tuning LLMs

Need domain experts? No problem.

Leverage our diverse network of experts to deliver high quality datasets or perform testing and evaluation of your LLMs in any domain.

Frequently asked


Do I need to provide a labeling tool?

We prefer using our labeling tool with specialised features that help us maintain the quality of the labels. However, we can also integrate with third-party tools of your choice.

Can you annotate international languages?

Yes. We support all major Indian languages alongwith languages like Spanish, Japanese and others. For international languages, we utilise our partners in the native countries to annotate.

What if my data is domain specific?

Our labeler pool consists of generalists as well as specialists who can handle medical, financial and other type of datasets. We can also provide you labelers from a specific geographic location.