Automatic OCR annotation tool

Quickly label your images with automatically detected text segments using our AI-powered automatic OCR annotation tool.

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OCR made simple

Quickly locate and identify text in images for a variety of use-cases

Automatic OCR annotation platform use-cases

Accurately locate text

Automatically detect locations of different sections of text and draw rotated bounding boxes around them.

Detect handwritten text

In addition to printed text, automatically detect handwritten text in different languages.

Flexible to all use-cases

Whether you want to label text in invoices, handwritten documents or licence plates, our platform can handle it all.

Detect text in all major global languages.
Lines and tokens
Automatically detect text in the form of lines or individual tokens.
Export formats
Export bounding boxes and text in the format of your choice.

Get more done in less time

  • Divide work in batches

    Automatically divide your tasks into batches so the work can be divided evenly within your team.

  • Reviewers

    Assign labelers and reviewers to each batch to ensure high quality annotation.

  • Annotation modes

    Move your batches into Annotation, Validation or Completed modes to keep track of exactly how much work remains to be done

Annotation modes and batches
  • Task management

    Create tasks to start labeling. Then group related tasks into projects, and assign projects to your users

  • User permissions

    Assign different roles to your users to easily keep permissions in check.

Annotation project management
  • Mark issues

    Free-flowing communication is key to ensuring high quality annotations. Pin-point mistakes within your data with issues.

  • Chat with team-members

    Talk with your team-members right within an issue to get to the source of the problem.

  • Measure quality

    Use number of resolved and unresolved issues as a measure of the quality of annotations of a task.

Annotation modes and batches
  • Time your annotation tasks

    Know exactly how much time each member of your team spent annotating data.

  • Annotation mode breakdown

    See how much time your team spent in each of the 3 annotation modes. This information is available at batch as well as task level.

  • Share with all stakeholders

    Export the information as CSV and share it with your team or end customers.

Annotation analytics
  • Create releases

    Export your data as a release and name it so you can identify it later. Keep the last 5 releases so you can download them anytime.

  • Choose what to export

    Choose the batches you want to export, so you dont have to download everything everytime something is updated

  • Export formats

    Export your LIDAR annotations in KITTI format. More formats are coming very soon!

Annotation Releases